Psyched About Kids is a platform where parents, educators and therapists can find great information, tools, and community networks that focus on healthy child development.

The Psyched About Kids philosophy is based on a heart-centred approach to parenting and uses strategies from the latest brain science research.

A warm, supportive, and trusting relationship between caregiver and child, a consistently nurturing environment and stimulating interactions forms the ultimate foundation for raising happy, successful children, youth and adults.

We provide the knowledge, techniques and tools to take you down the parenting path in the most successful way possible.


To promote healthy child development by making brain science accessible and practical.


Every parent acquires and implements the knowledge to help optimize their child's development.

Meet our Child Development Specialists


Joanna Piekarski

Provisional Psychologist

Jo Piekarski, or “Jojo” as the kids like to call her, is currently a provisional psychologist in Calgary, AB. She is always learning, whether it’s from books, research papers or from children and caregivers she coaches and guides, or from professionals she connects with. On top of completing a BA in psychology and a M.Ed in developmental psychology in Toronto, Jo recently completed a post-graduate fellowship in infant-parent mental health at the University of Massachusetts in Boston. She is obsessed with early brain science and think toddlers are absolutely magical. She loves teaching workshops and sharing her passion with caregivers and professionals. In her spare time, Jo is also a children’s entertainer, loves attending Zumba classes and is quite the foodie.

Lara Higgins

BA Sociology from the University of Western Ontario

The journey of parenting is humbling; one of ongoing learning, self-reflection and personal growth.   With kids now grown, at 16 and 21 - the journey continues!

With a background in financial services, Lara’s children were young when she shifted careers and started channeling her energy into supporting child development at CUPS in Calgary. With a passion for building strong families and communities, she has spent the last 10 years absorbing and applying core research to early childhood learning and brain development. 

Lara began Psyched about Kids in 2018 in partnership with Joanna Piekarski, taking scientific knowledge and translating into practical and simple tips tools and strategies that can have a powerful positive impact on parent child relationships and healthy child development.